Village Infant/Toddler Center and Preschool

Our Center's Infant/Toddler and Preschool programs offer an integrated curriculum to foster a child's love of learning and feelings of success in a supportive environment that encourages curiosity and creative thinking. The Centers focus on five areas of curriculum:

Faith Development
is the core of our curriculum. All activities add in some way to the spiritual life of young children. Children do not understand the abstract so we as teachers need to make faith real and alive for young children. In daily activities and relationships children will learn to show the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Through these activities and relationships young children can:

- See themselves as God's children
- Enjoy worship activities
- Feel secure in God's love
- See their world as God's creation and grow in a desire to
care for it
- Respond to God's love by caring for others

Developmentally Appropriate

Curriculum that is geared to the whole child.

Cognitively Oriented
Curriculum that emphasizes experiences which will lead the child to the construction of logical knowledge through science, math and problem solving activities.

Curriculum that focuses on the child's growth in understanding reading and writing; and development of sound reading skills.

Anti - Bias
Curriculum that helps the child grow in their understanding of fairness, human rights and human differences.